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The Planet Slnečnice


I embarked on a two-year-long journey to capture the essence of “Slnečnice Viladomy,” a unique suburb nestled at the edge of Petržalka in the city of Bratislava. Its charm lies in its green surroundings and sense of community.

About Slnečnice:

Developed in 2012, Slnečnice is a relatively young suburb that has become a new home for many individuals and families. With abundant green spaces and playgrounds for both adults and children, it’s like a whole new world for its residents.


Although the suburb is relatively young, there is potential for enhancing the suburb of Slnečnice, with options such as incorporating ponds, water retention systems, shading elements, green roofs, and photovoltaic systems to adapt to the reality of climate change.  Concepts such as water retention, photovoltaics, and even wind turbines (as seen in nearby Austria) should be considered for integration into the area to ensure it remains a thriving and sustainable community from a long-term perspective.

In general, Slnečnice is often considered one of the outstanding suburbs in Slovakia.


Wind turbine

When speaking about sustainable concepts I would like to mention a wind turbine. Did you know that 8 wind turbines can supply 25.000 households for a year?

Counting that, just one wind turbine could power all the households in Slnecnice Viladomy, and maybe even some electric cars? Pretty amazing, right?”


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