Peaceful Zakynthos, Greece

Gems of Zakynthos

Bellow the gallery with sceneries and aerial photographs – see the 1-week itinerary for Zakynthos at a relaxing pace.

You may well just chill out on your beach or villa, or you may as well enjoy trips around Zakynthos at a relaxing pace. You may visit some of the below places on the island of Zakynthos.


Do you plan to do Zakynthos for a week? Is that enough?

Yes and it is worth it. 

I see it as a wise choice to rent a car, and you can just go anywhere and anytime. Please note that roads on this island are usually quite narrow, so If you are used to the good standards of European roads (or any other good roads) with driving on Zakynthos, you just need to be more careful. And you do not need to get a big car for that.

Zakynthos itinerary

If you travel by car, the ideal may be to combine 2-3 places per day.

if you do not have the car simply choose tour companies to take you for a trip.


  • Navagio shipwreck beach
    it is worth to see it both from the bottom and from the top. While from the top you may go and see it just for yourself, to get there from the bottom – you basically need to take a boat tour which can take approx 3 hours. Yep, unless it is not a corona time, be prepared to have plenty of tourists there.
  • Xigia Sulfur beach
  • Mizithres rock and beach
  • Gerakas beach + Geraka beach cliffs – if you are lucky you may see either baby turtles or turtles nesting. It is a highly protected area. respect it, do not touch turtles, please.
  • Olive grove  / Olive trees + check Olive oil factory
  • Tsilivi town
  • Porto Vromi beach
  • Secret blue cave
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