Discover the wild beauty of Madagascar, where lush rainforests, unique fauna, and vibrant culture await you. Make your way to the secrets of the island, known as the home of the world’s finest vanilla. Embark on an unforgettable adventure and explore the unique riches of Madagascar.

Madagascar: Faces of Madagascar

Captivating Portraits of Madagascar: Unveiling the Stories, Lives, Joys, and Struggles of its People. Different faces, different places, different lives, and different stories. Each face has its own story.  

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Madagascar – Andringitra National Park

Andringitra National Park is in the south of Madagascar near the town of Ambalavao. There is the second highest peak in Madagascar Pic Boby (in the Malagasy language Imarivolanitra). Its height is 2658 meters. The 3-day track usually starts in Namoly valley, and ends near beautiful Tsaranoro mountains. please note: Some say Pic Boby is the first accessible highest point of Madagascar, however the highest peak of Madagascar is…

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Madagascar in brief

Madagascar – a unique island full of mystery, natural wealth, and fascinating culture! This beautiful island located in the Indian Ocean is home to many rare species of flora and fauna, including the famous lemurs that can be found nowhere else on Earth. Madagascar offers breathtaking landscapes from majestic baobabs to stunning rice fields, mountain ranges, and picturesque waterfalls. In…

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Madagascar and Train to Manakara

Madagascar and life in villages along the railway from Fianarantsoa to Manakara Africa, Manakara, Fianarantsoa, villages, people, woman, girl, man Bussy market, Can I touch the bridge?, Will you buy?, In front of the train, Beautiful girl, Buy and sell, Railwaystation, Hanging on the train, Valley, Village, Village railway station, Casual waiting, Train and Ravenala, Discussions, Basketball, Football, ,

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Madagascar and Life around Tsiribina river

“Photo Gallery – Life around the Tsiribina River in Madagascar” Solitary Boatman, Girl and baby lemur, The Village, Tobacco collection, Cooking, A Woman with golden teeth, Overloaded boat, Ferry, A girl and the tree, Lunch, Woman and the hat, A boy & a wheelbarrow, Lagoon, Funny nose, Ema, Tobacco storage, Red Tsiribina, Captain, boat & river, Boy and the river,…

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