Zimbabwe: villages

An ordinary village in Zimbabwe. Or extraordinary? with many happy children thankful for lunch, water, education and mainly with big smile on their faces and in their eyes.  

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Zimbabwe: Victoria falls

Victoria falls – place, that deserves special section. It has so much beauty and energy. So far one of the top places in the world I have seen and experienced. Vic falls, Dry season, Wet vs Dry season Vic falls, Various photos, Victoria falls height, Park, At the top of Vic falls, In the middle of Victoria falls, Victoria falls…

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Zimbabwe: Victoria falls – historical

Historical pictures of Victoria falls. Baobab, Victoria Falls, falls, Drift, gorge  

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Zimbabwe: Cities

Harare, Bulawayo Few old pictures from Harare, Bulawayo and some other places with my old classic camera . I have scanned that damaged film, at least to save some memories. Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe. I found the city as beautiful place with beautiful people. I have enjoyed the time there. as of 2003 In Harare there were approx 1.5 milion…

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