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Peshawar: Blending in with the crowd, Pakistan

We arrived in the city of Peshawar, a place in Pakistan near Afghanistan’s border. The sixth largest city, bustling with over two million souls, but recent bombings, mere days apart, left us with uneasy roles. Eighty kilometers away, the day before we came, a bomb exploded, leaving fear and chaos in its aim. And just a bit further, another blast had…

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Scars and dramas of Nanga Parbat – Killer Mountain, Pakistan

Unveiling Stories – Where the Heck Have I Been? From the relatively good, albeit dusty road from the town of Chilas along the Indus River, we stopped at the Reikot Bridge. We moved our belongings from one car to another and hopped into a 4×4 jeep that was supposed to take us to the village of Tatu. From there, only…

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Tale of the Lost Uzbekistan Postcard

Postcard Introduction: Postcard? What’s that? Like from the internet? Or do you mean a real postcard? A genuine one? A piece of paper adorned with beautiful photographs or images and handwritten text? Does that still exist? Who these days still sends real postcards that later turn into memories? How long does it take for a postcard to arrive these days?…

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Kyrgyzstan: Horse polo with a dead goat

Buzkashi Buzkashi, also known as Kok-Boru, is a traditional equestrian national sport, reminiscent of horse polo. However, the two teams compete here against each other and try to get the dead goat into the goal. You read correctly a goat whose head and legs are pitted and sometimes the body of a slaughtered sheep can also be used. I’m not…

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The Planet Slnečnice

Intro: I embarked on a two-year-long journey to capture the essence of “Slnečnice Viladomy,” a unique suburb nestled at the edge of Petržalka in the city of Bratislava. Its charm lies in its green surroundings and sense of community. About Slnečnice: Developed in 2012, Slnečnice is a relatively young suburb that has become a new home for many individuals and…

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Bratislava: for Peace and Harmony

Panorama of early Bratislava with a view of the statue of a soldier on the monument of Slavín. Peace and Freedom The panorama of early Bratislava features the prominent monument of Slavín with a statue of a soldier. This memorial commemorates the heroism and sacrifice of soldiers who fought for freedom and peace. However, health, freedom, and peace are not…

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