Madagascar in brief

Discover Madagascar in few pictures

Madagascar – a unique island full of mystery, natural wealth, and fascinating culture! This beautiful island located in the Indian Ocean is home to many rare species of flora and fauna, including the famous lemurs that can be found nowhere else on Earth. Madagascar offers breathtaking landscapes from majestic baobabs to stunning rice fields, mountain ranges, and picturesque waterfalls. In addition to its breathtaking nature, Madagascar is also a place with rich culture and traditions that are reflected in the lifestyle of the local people, their art, music, and dance. This island is a true paradise for travelers and photography enthusiasts who want to be captivated by the exotic world of Madagascar and explore its unique beauties.

Life at Baobab valley, Sunset with Baobabs, In the window, Rice fields, King & Queen waterfalls, Tsaranoro Massif, Bicycle ride, A lizard, You?, Travelling by train, Selling spices, Washing and drying, Zebu herd, Bus after robbery, Man at work, A child, Smile, Boatman, A boy & wheelbarrow, Biker, Soldier, Andringitra early morning, Tsaranoro, Ravenala, Thermal spa, Ranomafana, A kid, Ema, Photographer, Pot producer, B are feet, Lemur, Playing in the river, hunter


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