Indonesia: Sumatra Berastagi

Berastagi is also known as Brastagi

Discover in the gallery the authentic charm of Berastagi (also known as Brastagi). Located in the breathtaking North Sumatra region, Berastagi is a city known for its warm and friendly locals. Nestled near the majestic Gunung Sibayak and Gunung Sibuyan volcanoes, is a good starting point for trips to these 2 volcanos. However, Berastagi offers more than just volcanic adventures. Explore the hidden treasures of the local villages where the Karo people still embrace their traditional way of life. My images capture the genuine essence of Berastagi, showcasing its unique culture and breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy an authentic visual journey with my captivating photos.

Old Batak house in traditional Karo architecture with wooden scaffold in the village called Dokan. In front of the house, at the right of the picture, you can see an old man elder. Locals claimed he was at that time 86 years old.

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