Indonesia: Togean islands and Bajo people

Bajo tribe and Togeans

Paradise of Togean islands, and Bajo people alias sea gypsies (local tribe)

The breathtaking beauty of the Togean Islands, a true paradise for photography enthusiasts, with pristine white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and stunning coral reefs that are a feast for the eyes.”

Water Conservation Area, Sandy Bay, Start of Bajo village, Bridge to Malenge, Bajo children, Mosque in Bajo village, Bajo kid and his chicken, Bajo village, Decorated house, Bajo siesta, Bajo siesta, Girl near Jellyfish lake, Pier, Karina bay, Karina bay, Officers, Behind the fence, Man with the chainsaw, Kadidiri Paradise Pier, view at Black Marlin, Village houses, Dolphins, Jellyfish lake, Fadhila cottages,  Sulawesi, Indonesia, Pul;au Kadidi, Sandy bay

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