Madagascar and Life around Tsiribina river

Solitary boatman, Girl and baby lemur, The Village, Tobbacco collection, Cooking, A woman with golden teeth, Overloaded boat, Ferry, A girl and the tree, Lunch, Woman and the hat, A boy & a wheelbarrow, Lagoon, Funny nose, Ema, Tobacco storage, Red Tsiribina, Captain, boat & river, Boy and the river, Women & fishing nets, Crocodile, Tsiribina river, Sakalava woman, Working, Washing, Bringing crops, Going back home, Running kids, Lemur, Sakalava girl, Beauty mask, Hairstyle, Young boy, Sitting at the river, Africa, Tsiribina, Belo, villages, river, people, woman, girl, man, washing, nature, animals, lemurs, trip on Tsiribina, Lemur

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