Malaysia: Borneo: Iban tribe – Headhunters


Iban tribe.
Ibans were renowned for practising headhunting and tribal/territorial expansion and had a fearsome reputation as a strong and successful warring tribe in ancient times. From what I know it was the strongest tribe on Borneo. here yu may see little bit of their everyday life today.

A riwer in Borneo, Making baskets, Comfortable?, Iban elderly woman, young woman with kids, Sunday afternoon, Iban man, Man at the door, Enjoying sun, Second, The path, Little Iban girl, Tribe discussion, Drink offer, flower, Food preparation, Wanna drink?, Watching TV., Kitchen, Creating fish net, Man or not ?, Traditional dress, Welcome dance, Welcome, Splitting, Tatoo man, Man with a headband, Tattoo book, Night-talk, Tattooing, Night talk, Wick light, Headband, shield, Women time, Chief, Masks, Iban man, IBan boy, river, boat, bridge, headhunters, headhunting

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