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    Greenland: Ilulissat, Disko and around

    Greenland is a beautiful part of our planet. Climate change is very much visible here. Yes it is melting. The beauty of nature  of untouched parts of our planet is remarkable. Special value add that there are little visitors. You can simply sit and listen to anything you decide. Song of icebergs, whistle of wind, breath of whales, serenade of…

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  • Best activities
    A girl on the hike

    10 best hikes in Slovakia

      What are the best treks in Slovakia? It truly depends on what you are looking for. there are more difficult treks or less difficult touristic hikes. Basically any track in High Tatra Mountains is nice, and I think you simply can make only a good choice and will enjoy it.Here are few treks I recommend: Easy and Medium very popular treks Hrebienok, Zamkovskeho chata –…

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  • Austria

    Austria: Weissensee and around

    Amazing landscape scenery during the trip in in Austria. The lake has crystal clear water. in the summer you can swim in this lake, and during the winder you can skate on the lake. Weissensee, A boat, Tree, Lake boat, Pier at the lake, Small creek, Picturesque scenery, Resting at the lake, Picturesque lake, Bench, Picturesque lake scenery, Coffee and resting, Fish &…

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  • Canada

    Canada: Vancouver and around

    Stawamus Chief, Kiter & Wing, View, Bear dropping, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Camping, Stream, Forest, Garibaldi lake, Magic blue, View, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Lillooet River, T’sek hot springs,  Photos from Canada | Vancouver |   Garibaldi | Skookumchuck | Chief Stawamus | Lynn canyon |   mountains | hot springs

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  • Alaska

    Alaska: Part 1

    Denali, Savage River, Alaska, view in Denali, Ground Squirrel, Mother Bear, 3 Cubs, Hey !, Sunflower, Hans, Antlers, Kennicott, Kennicott, House, Salmon preparation, Dead salmon, Moose, Moose, Fishing, Salmons in the lake, Aialik Glacier, Glacier spikes, Portage Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, House, Kenai lake, Kenai lake, to Portage Glacier, Fisherman, bus, Houseboat, Bald Eagle, Bear, Baby Elk, Great moose,…

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  • Switzerland

    Switzerland mix

    Switzerland   Vineyards, Holy church, Swiss country, Stone statues, Pensioners, Lausanne light, Afternoon relax, Car, Hungry trash can, Lac Leman, A boat, jacht, Zermatt village, Wooden house, Lake, Snow

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  • Hawai'i

    Hawai’i: Volcano and Lava – Big island

    View from Manua Kea, The road to/from Manua Kea, Manua Kea mountain, Observatory at Manua Kea, Kīlauea volcano, Kīlauea volcano, Thurston Lava tube, Entrance to lava tube, Lava pavement in the nature, Lava shore and palms, Flower on lava rock, Palms on lava shore, Life is growing on lava, Life is growing on lava, Lava in shapes, Crater Kilauea, Kilauea…

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