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    Buzkashi, Kok-boru

    Kyrgyzstan: Horse polo with a dead goat

    Buzkashi Buzkashi, also known as Kok-Boru, is a traditional equestrian national sport, reminiscent of horse polo. However, the two teams compete here against each other and try to get the dead goat into the goal. You read correctly a goat whose head and legs are pitted and sometimes the body of a slaughtered sheep can also be used. I’m not…

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  • Kyrgyzstan
    Alakul lake, Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyzstan: Beautiful north

    Gallery of Kyrgyzstan, a land of breathtaking beauty and cultural diversity! Nestled in the heart of Central Asia, this enchanting country captivates visitors with its majestic mountains, pristine alpine lakes, and vast nomadic landscapes. Explore the vibrant markets, discover ancient Silk Road cities, and immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of the Kyrgyz people. canyon, horses, horse, Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia,…

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  • Iceland

    Iceland: Ring road in brief

    Bellow the gallery – see 1 week itinerary for trip – Iceland ring road. But do you really want to do Icelandic ring road in 1 week?  It may not be a good idea, see bellow why. Gallery   Do you plan to do Iceland ring road in 1 week? or 7 nights? Yes it is doable, BUT ! Think…

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    Great Moose, Alaska - Vladimir Pauco


    Peacock, full display Peacock, full display  A bug Red Dragonfly  Sleeping Tarsier   2 turtles 3 zebras Hyenas in love  Big eye tarsier Komodo dragon  Green gecko  Walking Komodo dragon Long-tailed macaque  Butterflies Zebra A duck  Lion Dolphin couple Duck couple Mystical Horse  Bear kiss Moose in the lake  Coconut crab Turtle

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  • Mongolia

    Mongolia: Khövsgöl and around

    Khövsgöl (Mongolian: Хөвсгөл) Lake Khövsgöl also referred to as Khövsgöl dalai or Dalai Eej is the largest freshwater lake in Mongolia by volume and the second largest by area. Khövsgöl Nuur. Historically it is the sister lake of Lake Baikal – the deepest lake in the world. Girl on the top of the windy hill watching the clear water of…

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