Mongolia: Khövsgöl and around

Khövsgöl (Mongolian: Хөвсгөл)
Lake Khövsgöl also referred to as Khövsgöl dalai or Dalai Eej is the largest freshwater lake in Mongolia by volume and the second largest by area. Khövsgöl Nuur. Historically it is the sister lake of Lake Baikal – the deepest lake in the world.

Girl on the top of the windy hill watching the clear water of Khovsgol Lake (Khövsgöl Nuur). The lake is known as Blue Pearl. It’ surface area is 2760 sq km.

Kids come to me in Khatgal village, which is basically starting point for travelers around the lake.

Mongolian wrestler preparing for the fight in local village Naadam Festival.

Endless Taiga and Khovsgol Lake

Local man and his thirsty horses. When they tried to drink directly from the lake they regularly got scared from bigger waves so they went to this small pool.

A local man stopping a horse from wild galloping.

Khovsgol lake (Khövsgöl Nuur) known as Blue Pearl. It is 136 km long and 36,5 km wide. From a geological point of view, Khovsgol is a younger sibling lake of Lake Baikal (by 23 million years). It is also called the younger sister of Baikal, which was formed by the same tectonic forces.

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