• Uzbekistan

    Faces of Uzbekistan

    In Samarkand, I met a giggling woman at the market. When she saw me, she just giggled and giggled.  With her cheerfulness, the market suddenly felt livelier. Although it was already quite lively. Can you guess who she is? In Bukhara, I got to know Sitora, a girl with a face like from a catalog. In reality, she was a…

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  • Madagascar
    A look, Madagascar, Vladimir Pauco

    Madagascar: Faces of Madagascar

    Captivating Portraits of Madagascar: Unveiling the Stories, Lives, Joys, and Struggles of its People. Different faces, different places, different lives, and different stories. Each face has its own story.  

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  • 2014 – Photo exhibition at Staromestsky klub, Bratislava

    Event: Photography exhibition as Face to face with the world Title: Face to face with the world Location: Staromestský klub 10×10, Školská 14, Bratislava. Date: February 2 – March 3, 2014 Organizer:  Staromestské centrum kultúry a vzdelávania + Ticho a spol

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