Madagascar: Faces of Madagascar

Faces of Madagascar, Faces and their stories, their lives, troubles and happiness. Different faces, different places  

Madagascar – Andringitra National Park

Andringitra National Park at the south of Madagascar near town Ambalavao. There is second highest peak of Madagascar Pic Boby (in malagasy language Imarivolanitra).  It’s height is 2658 meters. The 3days track usually starts in Namoly valley, and end near beautifull Tsaranoro mountains. please note: Some say Pic Boby is first accessible highest point of Madagascar, however the highest peak of Madagascar is accessible only by long long walk.…

Madagascar in brief

Life at Baobab valley, Sunset with Baobabs, In the window, Rice fields, King & Queen waterfalls, Tsaranoro Massif, Bicycle ride, A lizard, You?, Travelling by train, Selling spices, Washing and drying, Zebu herd, Bus after robbery, Man at work, A child, Smile, Boatman, A boy & wheelbarrow, Biker, Soldier, Andringitra early morning, Tsaranoro, Ravenala, Thermal spa, Ranomafana, A kid, Ema,…

Madagascar and Train to Manakara

Madagascar and life in villages along the railway from Fianarantsoa to Manakara Africa, Manakara, Fianarantsoa, villages, people, woman, girl, man Bussy market, Can I touch the bridge?, Will you buy?, In front of the train, Beautiful girl, Buy and sell, Railwaystation, Hanging on the train, Valley, Village, Village railway station, Casual waiting, Train and Ravenala, Discussions, Basketball, Football, ,

Madagascar and Life around Tsiribina river

Solitary boatman, Girl and baby lemur, The Village, Tobbacco collection, Cooking, A woman with golden teeth, Overloaded boat, Ferry, A girl and the tree, Lunch, Woman and the hat, A boy & a wheelbarrow, Lagoon, Funny nose, Ema, Tobacco storage, Red Tsiribina, Captain, boat & river, Boy and the river, Women & fishing nets, Crocodile, Tsiribina river, Sakalava woman, Working,…

Zimbabwe: villages

An ordinary village in Zimbabwe. Or extraordinary? with many happy children thankful for lunch, water, education and mainly with big smile on their faces and in their eyes.  

Zimbabwe: Victoria falls

Victoria falls – place, that deserves special section. It has so much beauty and energy. So far one of the top places in the world I have seen and experienced. Vic falls, Dry season, Wet vs Dry season Vic falls, Various photos, Victoria falls height, Park, At the top of Vic falls, In the middle of Victoria falls, Victoria falls…

Zimbabwe: Victoria falls – historical

Historical pictures of Victoria falls. Baobab, Victoria Falls, falls, Drift, gorge  

Zimbabwe: Cities

Harare, Bullawayo Few old pictures from Harare, Bulawayo and some other places with my old classic camera . I have scanned that damaged film, at least to save some memories. Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe. I found the city as beautiful place with beautiful people. I have enjoyed the time there. as of 2003 In Harare there were approx 1.5 milion…

Malawi: Lilongwe

Ring road with nice flowers, City college, Town hall, Guard in Lilongwe, 3 happy kids, Washing clothes, Fun before washing, Drying washed clothes, Taxi driver, Shopping?, Construction in the city, Man producing souvenirs,