• Panama
    Panama, jungle trek, El pianista trail


    Embera tribe | Panama canal | Jungle | Boquette | Anton Valley | Panama city Boquete, Anton de Valle, Natural pool, Woman in Spa, Girl at hot springs, River Rio Chiriqui Nuevo, Punta Chame, Bird & Kites, Panama skyline, Enjoying evening, Jungle house, India Dormida, The head of of India Dormida, Memorial for Noely, Hot springs in Anton valley, Cemetery of fridges, At home,…

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  • Madagascar

    Madagascar – Andringitra National Park

    Andringitra National Park at the south of Madagascar near town Ambalavao. There is second highest peak of Madagascar Pic Boby (in malagasy language Imarivolanitra).  It’s height is 2658 meters. The 3days track usually starts in Namoly valley, and end near beautifull Tsaranoro mountains. please note: Some say Pic Boby is first accessible highest point of Madagascar, however the highest peak of Madagascar is accessible only by long long walk.…

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  • Hawai'i

    Hawai’i: Nature gems

    Lava coast, Big tree, Palm leaves, Gecko, Palms & Sky, Flower, Coniferous forest, Hollow tree, Coniferous forest., Fern forest, Fern fractal, Fern fractal, Fern, Waipi’o valley, Hiilawe Falls, Tree, Hi’ilawe Falls, Trunk, Flowers, Flowers everyday.,

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