• Panama
    Panama, jungle trek, El pianista trail


    Embera tribe | Panama canal | Jungle | Boquette | Anton Valley | Panama city Boquete, Anton de Valle, Natural pool, Woman in Spa, Girl at hot springs, River Rio Chiriqui Nuevo, Punta Chame, Bird & Kites, Panama skyline, Enjoying evening, Jungle house, India Dormida, The head of of India Dormida, Memorial for Noely, Hot springs in Anton valley, Cemetery of fridges, At home,…

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  • Indonesia

    Indonesia: Sumatra – Bukit Lawang

    Bukit Lawang is a small tourist village at the bank of Bahorok River in North Sumatra province of Indonesia. It is famous for the Jungle, Orangutans , and unfortunate tragedy in 2003 when river flood smashed out part of the village Orangutan, Native man, Washing, Market, Market, Motorbike, Bahorok river, Father and child, Bridge, Bridge, Pick-nick, Fisherman, A kid, Happy…

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