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  • Slovakia travel advice
    Calendar planning time to visit

    Best time to visit Bratislava

    What is best time to visit Bratislava? it depends what you want to see but for regular touristic and visitors I would say general travel is best from end of March till October. Temperatures in Bratislava Bratislava belongs to warmest and driest places in SLovakia. End of March, April, May, September and October temperatures are mild. I would reccomend to anyone to visit Bratislava these months: you will not be sweating,…

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  • Slovakia Accommodation
    Luxury accommodation Bratislava, Slovakia

    Best luxury accommodation in Bratislava

    What is the most luxury accommodation in Bratislava in Slovakia? What are the best places to sleep at  in Bratislava? Accommodation is one thing and its location is another. Here you are my recommendation as a local who is aware of good parts and energy in the city. It is for visitors, that want to say in Bratislava and do some relax and sightseeing with good access to center with luxury accommodation. 1. Sheraton…

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  • Best activities
    A girl on the hike

    10 best hikes in Slovakia

      What are the best treks in Slovakia? It truly depends on what you are looking for. there are more difficult treks or less difficult touristic hikes. Basically any track in High Tatra Mountains is nice, and I think you simply can make only a good choice and will enjoy it.Here are few treks I recommend: Easy and Medium very popular treks Hrebienok, Zamkovskeho chata –…

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  • Best activities
    Best activities !

    10 best activities in Košice

    What are best activities and the most interesting things in Košice? The top things to do ?What are the best places in Košice? Best sightseeing in Košice? Or what shall I do ? Of course everyone may have different taste what people like. Here you are my tips for top 10 best activities in Košice, and you may choose those you like the most.  Košice…

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  • Best activities
    Group activity, smile

    10 best activities in Bratislava

    What is the most interesting in Bratislava?What are the best places in Bratislava? Best sightseeing in Bratislava? Or what shall I do ? Of course everyone may have different taste what people like. Here you are my tips for top 10 best activities in Bratislava, and you may choose those you like the most. I have actually added 2 other tips, which I believe are worth it. 1. Presidential…

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