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    Photo of 10 best activities in Slovakia

    10 best activities in Slovakia

    What are best 10 activities in Slovakia? The best sightseeings in Slovakia, What are thebest places to see in Slovakia?This definitely is 1 million dollar question that only you can answer, because everyone has his own taste in terms of interests and activities. My tips for you are: High Tatra mountains Spis Castle Levoca Kosice Bratislava Caves Tokaj wine cellars Slovak Paradise Orava Banska Stiavnica + Kremnica 1. High Tatra…

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  • Travel plans for Slovakia
    Photo of Slovakia 2 days travel itinerary

    Slovakia 2 days travel itinerary

    Are you coming to Slovakia for 2 days only? Do you worry that your travel will be short? On one hand it is not long, but lets make most out of it. In this case there is no real need to make travel plans across the country. I assume your entry points are Bratislava or Kosice. Then Simply stick to…

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