• Alaska

    Alaska: Part 1

    Denali, Savage River, Alaska, view in Denali, Ground Squirrel, Mother Bear, Three Cubs, Hey !, Sunflower, Hans, Antlers, Kennicott, Kennicott, House, Salmon preparation, Dead salmon, Moose, Moose, Fishing, Salmons in the lake, Aialik Glacier, Glacier spikes, Portage Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, House, Kenai lake, Kenai lake, to Portage Glacier, Fisherman, bus, Houseboat, Bald Eagle, Bear, Baby Elk, Great moose,…

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  • Botswana

    Botswana: Chobe National Park

    Pictures from Botswana country, capturing Chobe National park. It is located on North of Botswana near great Okawango Delta. It is the place with the highest density of elephants in the world and big diversity of african animals. By size, it is the third largest park of the country, after the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the Gemsbok National Park.…

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