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    Pohľadnica z Uzbekistanu

    Tale of the Lost Uzbekistan Postcard

    Postcard Introduction: Postcard? What’s that? Like from the internet? Or do you mean a real postcard? A genuine one? A piece of paper adorned with beautiful photographs or images and handwritten text? Does that still exist? Who these days still sends real postcards that later turn into memories? How long does it take for a postcard to arrive these days?…

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  • America

    Greenland: Ilulissat, Disko and around

    Greenland is a beautiful part of our planet. Climate change is very much visible here. Yes, the effects of climate change are evident here, and Greenland is experiencing melting. The beauty of nature of untouched parts of our planet is remarkable. Special value adds that there are few visitors. You can simply sit and listen to whatever you choose. Song…

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