• Slovakia

    Slovakia: Kosice

    Košice is one of the nicest cities in Slovakia. St. Elisabeth Cathedral is architecturally comparable to St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. It is one of the most beautiful churches in central Europe with a diversity of styles from Gothic to Barok. St. Elizabeth Cathedral is the furthest east western-style gothic cathedral in Europe. Košice | Capital of East Slovakia | …

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  • Hawai'i

    Hawai’i: island Molokai

    Molokai famous Hawaiian island where Hula dance was born. The most laid-back island of all main Hawaiian islands. Halawa Bay, Pohakumauliuli beach, Halawa valley, Cleaning, Molokai roads, Denali on Hawaii, Church in Halawa, Halawa stream, Jumping, Surf and cross, C.Pascua Store, Farmers market, Macadamia honey, Pohakumauliuli beach, Cracking table for nuts, Macadamia oil, Bus home, Pohakumauliuli beach, Hula singer, A…

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