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    Peshawar: Blending in with the crowd, Pakistan

    We arrived in the city of Peshawar, a place in Pakistan near Afghanistan’s border. The sixth largest city, bustling with over two million souls, but recent bombings, mere days apart, left us with uneasy roles. Eighty kilometers away, the day before we came, a bomb exploded, leaving fear and chaos in its aim. And just a bit further, another blast had…

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    Pakistan: Life in Peshawar

    Visiting Peshawar was very lively and intensive experience. Peshawar is the sixth largest city in Pakistan, with over 2 million inhabitants, and it is the capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It is located near the border with Afghanistan. The majority of the population in Peshawar are Pashtuns, the second largest ethnic group in Pakistan. It is one of the…

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