Poland: Warszaw, Krakow

Palace of Culture and Science, Reading news,, Socialist realism, Baloon lady, Life on the street, St. Mary Basilica, Adam Mickiewicz, Saint Mary’s Church, Cloth hall,  Church of St. Wojciech, St. Wojciech interior, Main market square, Eros Bendato, The Head, Health resort, Underground church, Underground chapel, church, Nowa prowincja, Resting and reading, Historical building, On the wall, Stairs, Entrance and lantern,…

Malta, Gozo, Comino

Malta has vastly changed comparing to few years ago. Big impact  of tourism has brought a lot of construction development – it still has a lot of very cultural places. Please respect and protect when you visit. Pictures from ordinary days in Malta, Gozo, Comino. Magic blue, Popeye village, Crystal Lagoon, Street in Valletta, 2 football matches, Triton Fountain, Repairing…

Poland – death camps

Auschwitz, Birkenau death camps Lock, Barracks, Barracks, Columns, STOP!, Corridor underground, Barracks, Cleaning room, Barracks, Guard tower, Rail tracks of death, Main entrance, Wired fence, Rose, Memorial in Birkenau, Electric wired fence, Electric Wired fence, Detail on wires

Spain: Canary Islands: Lanzarote

Spain: Lanzarote island within Canary islands archipelago and slightly Hawaiian like nature. It is small Hawaiian for those who cannot travel to Hawai’i. And what is the the difference? Enormous size, and big energy on Hawaii.   Timanfaya Park, Road in Timanfaya, Timanfaya Park, Volcanic crater, Caldera Blanca, La Graciosa, Famara Cliffs, Famara Cliffs, Famara area, Hills near Haria, Haria,…

Austria: Weissensee and around

Amazing landscape scenery during the trip in in Austria. The lake has crystal clear water. in the summer you can swim in this lake, and during the winder you can skate on the lake. Weissensee, A boat, Tree, Lake boat, Pier at the lake, Small creek, Picturesque scenery, Resting at the lake, Picturesque lake, Bench, Picturesque lake scenery, Coffee and resting, Fish &…

Switzerland mix

Switzerland   Vineyards, Holy church, Swiss country, Stone statues, Pensioners, Lausanne light, Afternoon relax, Car, Hungry trash can, Lac Leman, A boat, jacht, Zermatt village, Wooden house, Lake, Snow

Slovakia: Slovak Folk Dance – few panorama pictures

Slovak folk dance, Lucnica, IMT smile, performance, fujara

Slovakia: Slovak Folk Dance – Lucnica

Witness on of the best Slovak folk dance group by photograph. This moment traditional folk dance performed under their extraordinary leader Nosal.   Slovak folk dance, Lucnica,  performance, fujara

Russia: Transsiberian

Transsiberian | Trans-Siberian Magistral | Trans-Siberian Railway | Trans-Mongolian Railway | Naushki, Ulaanbaatar Railway station, Transsiberian Train, Transsiberian, Train, Change, Coupe, Dog

Russia: East Siberia – Baikal

Life happens also in Siberia: Policeman, Crystal Baikal, Boat, Playing, Crystal water, Stones and wood, Hangar, Hotel, Smoke and Baikal, Wedding, Just Married, Sitting on the brach, Footbal, Progress, Village, Village, Bus and square, Repairing, Ivolginsky Datsan, Inside monastery, Monk, Lady, Main temple, datsan, Russia, Sibeeria, Baikal, Gorjachinsk, Wedding in Baikal, Lenin, lake, Ulan Ude, Irkutsk