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Best Sport Activities, Vratislava, Slovakia
What are best sport activities in Bratislava? What are best sport places to visit?

I think the most interesting points are:


  1. Rollerblading, inline skating at Hradza
  2. Climbing in Vertigo
  3. Waterskiing, wakeboarding at Zlate piesky
  4. Kayaking in watersport center Cunovo
  5. Cycling at Hradza, or at Carpathy
  6. Running
  7. Swimming in Natural lakes
  8. Hiking around Bratislava


1. Rollerblading, inline skating at Hradza (Embankment)

Hradza, roller blading / inline skating in Bratislava

Bratislava is special for it's opportunities to do rollerblading / inline skating. There has unique long route along side arms of Danube river. There are several parts of it, and i think we can easily count 40 km or more.

  • 1st part Bratislavska hradza is 16 km long next side arm of Danube
  • 2nd part is path from hradza towards the city along the danube river, and you can go all the wat to Devin castle, or to Austria
  • 3rd part is hradza near Hamuliakovo, which i think can be 20 km or longer. There is less people comparing to 1st Bratislavska hradza, as it is about 12 km from the city.


2. Climbing in Vertigo

Climbing in Vertigo, Bratislava, Slovakia

If you like climbing then there is very good indoor climbing center open all the year round. It is called Vertigo. Alex Honnold has also visited Vertigo while being in Bratislava. Alex Honnold is an American rock climber best known for his free solo ascents of big walls, he broke several climbing records.

3. Waterskiing, wakeboarding at Zlate piesky

Wakeboarding at Zlate Piesky in Bratislava, Slovakia

Zlate piesky is lake at the edge of Bratislava. There is a water skilift at Zlate Piesky so you can go try waterskiing or wakeboarding or surfing. If you wish, you can also just swim or relax.

please note: Lakes in Bratislava are very clean, and you can swim almost everywhere. (always best double check before doing so)

4. Kayaking/Surfing in watersport center Cunovo

Kayaking in Cunovo near Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovakia has built unique  Čunovo Water Sports Centre. It is an artificial whitewater slalom course in Slovakia, on an island in the Danube river. Located 14 km southeast of Bratislava, near the village of Čunovo it is well acessible.
It is powered by flow diversion from the Čunovo dam. Since 1997, it has hosted a full schedule of local, regional, and international competitions, including multiple World Cup races, and European Championships.

It is possible to do kayaking there, rafting or surfing.

5. Cycling at Hradza, or at Carpathy

Cycling in Bratislava and around

Popular cycling treks are:


6. Running

I reccomend following nice running areas which contain a bit of nature :

  • Hradza - but be carefull for rollerbladers and cyclist
  • Around lakes like
    • Drazdiak
    • Strkovec
    • Kuchajda


7. Swimming in natural lakes

Drazdiak lake in Bratislava, Slovakia

During summer when there is nice weather you may well enjoy relaxing and swiming at several places in Bratislava. My recommendation would be following:

  • Zlate Piesky - at the edge of Bratislava - exiting to Piestany- you can also go by but there.
  • New Kosariska - 18 km from Bratislava. Water is absolutely clear, we can say crystal clear water :)
  • Vajnorske lakes - at the edge of Bratislava
  • Drazdiak - in Petrzalka
  • Rusovske lake (near Rusovce)



8. Hiking around Bratislava

Hiking around bratislava are in general walks nothing comparable to Tatra mountains.

However it can still be joyfull time in nice nature or nice environment:

  • Železná studnička
  • Koliba
  • Devin



9. Target shooting in Bratislava Shooting Club

Shooting club in Bratislava, Slovakia

If you like some outdoor fun then you will enjoy target shooting in Bratislava. Two public shooting ranges both located in the near vicinity of the capital offer wide range of weaponry, pistols, revolvers as well as a classic AK-47 Kalashnikov. To make your experience even more enjoyable Bratislava Shooting Club has prepared for you various packages for individuals and for groups. English speaking instructors will ensure you get the most of it and guarantee your safety.



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