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Tipping in Slovakia

How much shall I tip in Slovakia?

It is not mandatory to tip in Slovakia. But if you tip it is always nice.
and how much?


it really depends, on the bill , and really depends whether you are happy with the service, food, environment.
5-10% tip is good to go, actually 10% is quite generous.If you have a small bill just round the amount to whole number or give a tip like 1-2 eur.

Tap water and tips

At the same time, if you ask for the tap water, I believe they shall give it to you for free.
Some restaurants refuse to do that. unfortunately.
Instead they often sell water from bottles (glass or even plastic)
This is nonsense, as this only supports complete waste in the planet.
Every restaurant has a drinkable tap water, as all water is high quality in SLovakia.
Of course exclude places where they do not have the water supply.

I have experienced situations where the bill for food was 60 eur and waitrees refused to provide tap water.
In such cases you tell to waiter ok, no issue, but i will deduct it from your tip.
Well in such cases simply deduct the amount you pay for water from the tip. Simple as is. 
That is the way you can influence behaviour. Or vice versa, you know instead of paying for water I could give the tip to you.
If you dont say it and don't do it, nothing will change, and it is not the right way to go to sustainable living.

I have witnessed the situation where after explaining that we have big dinner, and I wish for tap water, the personell even broght me the "mineral water in plastic bottle" for free.

But that is not what we want - free plastic bottle water. we just want a water :)

Example: no tap water in Tanzania

For example in Africa in Tanzania yes you buy water, as there is no tap water of good quality, but that is different story.

Tipping in taxi in Slovakia

If you want to tip taxi driver and you use app, you can usually do so via app.

Or you can just give him/her some cash. Depends on the lenghth 0.5-1 eur is usually fine, but it is not mandatory to tip.

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