• Iceland
    Photo of Iceland: Ring road in brief

    Iceland: Ring road in brief

    Bellow the gallery – see 1 week itinerary for trip – Iceland ring road. But do you really want to do Icelandic ring road in 1 week?  It may not be a good idea, see bellow why Gallery   Do you plan to do Iceland ring road in 1 week? or 7 nights? Yes it is doable, BUT ! Think…

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  • Madagascar
    Photo of Madagascar – Andringitra National Park

    Madagascar – Andringitra National Park

    Andringitra National Park at the south of Madagascar near town Ambalavao. There is second highest peak of Madagascar Pic Boby (in malagasy language Imarivolanitra).  It’s height is 2658 meters. The 3days track usually starts in Namoly valley, and end near beautifull Tsaranoro mountains. please note: Some say Pic Boby is first accessible highest point of Madagascar, however the highest peak of Madagascar is accessible only by long long walk.…

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  • Hawai'i
    Photo of Hawai’i: Kauai

    Hawai’i: Kauai

    Kauai – One of Hawaii magnificent islands is geologically the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands. This often rainy island has number of spectacular waterfalls, mountains and beaches. Wave, Hanalei, Strong waves, small waterfalls, Secret falls, Secret falls, Waimea Canyon, Nu’alolo, Kokee Park, Nu’alolo, Kokee Park, Kokee State Park, Opaekaa Falls,, Rooster, Waves, Sacred forest, Hono’Onapali coast, Hanakapiai beach, Surfer,…

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  • Zimbabwe
    Photo of Zimbabwe: Victoria falls

    Zimbabwe: Victoria falls

    Victoria falls – place, that deserves special section. It has so much beauty and energy. So far one of the top places in the world I have seen and experienced. Vic falls, Dry season, Wet vs Dry season Vic falls, Various photos, Victoria falls height, Park, At the top of Vic falls, In the middle of Victoria falls, Victoria falls…

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  • Zimbabwe
    Photo of Zimbabwe: Victoria falls – historical

    Zimbabwe: Victoria falls – historical

    Historical pictures of Victoria falls. Baobab, Victoria Falls, falls, Drift, gorge  

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