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    Embera tribe | Panama canal | Jungle | Boquette | Anton Valley | Panama city Boquete, Anton de Valle, Natural pool, Woman in Spa, Girl at hot springs, River Rio Chiriqui Nuevo, Punta Chame, Bird & Kites, Panama skyline, Enjoying evening, Jungle house, India Dormida, The head of of India Dormida, Memorial for Noely, Hot springs in Anton valley, Cemetery of fridges, At home,…

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    10 best hikes in Slovakia

      What are the best treks in Slovakia? It truly depends on what you are looking for. there are more difficult treks or less difficult touristic hikes. Basically any track in High Tatra Mountains is nice, and I think you simply can make only a good choice and will enjoy it.Here are few treks I recommend: Easy and Medium very popular treks Hrebienok, Zamkovskeho chata –…

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