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    Tipping in restaurants in Slovakia

    Tipping in Slovakia

    How much shall I tip in Slovakia? It is not mandatory to tip in Slovakia. It is even normal not to tip.  But if you tip it is always nice. And how much shall you tip? It depends, on the bill , and really depends whether you are happy with the service, food, environment.5-10% tip is good to go, actually 10%…

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  • Safety in Slovakia
    Dangerous animals in Slovakia, bear, snake, wild boar,

    Which are the dangerous animals in Slovakia?

    Slovakia is quite safe country, but when it comes to dangers we cannot say there aren’t any. Bears If you go to mountains there is a chance you may encounter a bear.Lets not overexacurate this topic, however it is posssible that you meet a bear or bear family.How to behave then? there are many articles on internet  what to do in such situations, just google…

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