• Transport in Slovakia
    Airplane landing

    How to get to Bratislava

    There are several options how to get to Bratislava: By plane, by bus, by train, by car. If you fly in.. By plane Fly to Vienna, and from Vienna Airport to Bratislava (approx. 30-40′ min) ✓ by Bus – cost approx 10 EUR – you can buy the ticket directly at the airport with the bus driver (such as Eurolines, Slovaklines, Regiojet, etc) maybe check…

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  • Transport in Slovakia
    Bus, public transport

    Traveling by bus or by train or by car in Slovakia?

    Intro Whether you think about travelling by car by bus or by train, all are good options, you just have to decide based on your budget and time. Each type of transport has its specifics, advantages and disadvantages. Buses and trains in Slovakia   Both trains and buses are safe for travelers. You can get to most of the places by train or by…

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  • Madagascar

    Madagascar and Train to Manakara

    Madagascar and life in villages along the railway from Fianarantsoa to Manakara Africa, Manakara, Fianarantsoa, villages, people, woman, girl, man Bussy market, Can I touch the bridge?, Will you buy?, In front of the train, Beautiful girl, Buy and sell, Railwaystation, Hanging on the train, Valley, Village, Village railway station, Casual waiting, Train and Ravenala, Discussions, Basketball, Football, ,

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  • Russia

    Russia: Transsiberian

    Transsiberian | Trans-Siberian Magistral | Trans-Siberian Railway | Trans-Mongolian Railway | Naushki, Ulaanbaatar Railway station, Transsiberian Train, Transsiberian, Train, Change, Coupe, Dog

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