• Greece

    Peaceful Zakynthos, Greece

    Bellow the gallery with sceneries and aerial photographs – see the 1-week itinerary for Zakynthos at a relaxing pace. You may well just chill out on your beach or villa, or you may as well enjoy trips around Zakynthos at a relaxing pace. You may visit some of the below places on the island of Zakynthos. Gallery   Do you…

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  • Malta

    Malta, Gozo, Comino

    Malta has vastly changed comparing to few years ago. Big impact  of tourism has brought a lot of construction development – it still has a lot of very cultural places. Please respect and protect when you visit. Pictures from ordinary days in Malta, Gozo, Comino. Magic blue, Popeye village, Crystal Lagoon, Street in Valletta, 2 football matches, Triton Fountain, Repairing…

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  • India

    India: Kerala Ayruveda

    Kerala & Tamil Nadu Deep look, Early morning fishing, Beach, Cut pineapple, Evening beach, Man and the Palm, Sunset wave, Monument, School kids, Shore, Southernmost tip, Free as a bird, Hidden eyes, Owner of Hindustan Ambassador, Povar Nayyar river, Neyyar morning, Kingfisher, Elderly woman, scenery, Povar Nayyar river, sunset, bird, school, fishing, beach, school, temple, Ayurveda  

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  • Thailand

    Thailand: Sounthern

    Ocean blue, Day trip, Koh Hah, Scenery, Crystal water, Muslim man, Kids, Baby elephant, Baby, Refreshing, Coast, Relax,

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  • Indonesia

    Indonesia: Nusa Tenggara

    Nusa tenggara islands, Indonesia Komodo dragon, Rinca, scenery, Komodo national park, Loh Buaya Komodo, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

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  • USA

    USA: Yosemite National Park

    Yosemite National park is at the west of US, about 3-4 hours drive from San Francisco. It is possible see many beautiful scenery, and also warm your heart with Giant Sequoias. Indian woman in Yosemite, Indian woman with traditions, One way sign, River in Yosemite, Waterfall in Yosemite, Traditional dwellings, Waterfall among big trees, Bark of giant sequoia, Panorama, 

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