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    Tap water for free in restaurants in Slovakia?

    Free water in Restaurants ? Restaurants in Slovakia shall start serving tap water for free or for a minimal price.Free tap water in restaurants helps to customers and to environment. Yes.  In our previous article  “Is tap water safe to drink in Slovakia?” I have mentioned that tap water in Slovakia is very clean, great quality and drinkable. What are the news in this area? According to European Parliament, they are now…

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    Kitchen tap water faucet, Slovakia

    Is tap water safe to drink in Slovakia?

    Natural question for many people who want to travel to Slovakia: Can I drink tap water in Bratislava or in Slovakia in general? Is it safe? Yes, you can, and you should! Slovakia is the country with one of best qualitytap water in the world. Slovakia  is the second country in Europe (after Austria) with the largest reserves of drinking water. You can easily drink water I would say anywhere.…

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