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Water flowing from faucet

Restaurants in Slovakia shall start serving water for free or for a minimal price.


In our previous article  "Is tap water safe to drink in Slovakia?" I have mentioned that tap water in Slovakia is very clean, great quality and drinkable.

What are the news in this area?

With improving access to tap water in public places, and restaurants EU wants to eliminate the packaging and cut littering pollutants which is simply big pollution and waste of any energy.


It is good to realize how great marketing and brain washing is so that people do buy bottled water - something that cost like 1000 liters 2 euros, people are willing to pay like 1 eur per liter.
just because of the nice label , status, laziness to think, to go out of herd.

What about you here ?

Feel free to ask for tap water in restaurants or anywhere you go in Slovakia (also in Czech republic).

Of course pay for a good service and for good meals, and any other drinks, but also protect the nature.

reminder: It is waste of money, (tap water cost is approximately 1 EUR per 1000 liters, so you can imagine, if restaurants start simply selling you bottled water what kind of profit there is.)

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PS: if you still decide you definately want to buy ordinary water - feel free to come to my place and I can sell you 1 liter for 100 EUR easily :)

Otherwise you can support my web. Thank you :)


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