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Buses and trains in Slovakia

Both trains and buses are safe for travellers. You can get to most of the places by train or by bus.

Trains are more comfortable. Main connection from west to east is by train from Bratislava to Kosice:


Bratislava => Trencin => Zilina => Poprad => Kosice.


The travel with IC train (Intercity train) takes  less than 5 hours from Bratislava to Kosice.

Within these main stops you can get to see many sightseeing’s and from these cities/towns you can continue to travel to further off beaten track to rural or remote places .


To some places you will most probably have to take bus, as trains do not cover all.


Renting a car in Slovakia:

The roads are in fairly good condition. Although many Slovaks are complaining about the quality of the roads. Well it is not like in Switzerland, where things are so well maintained and organised but also pricey ;).

There are places where busses simply do not go very often.

For example some of the caves, or some of the castles.


Travelling by car offers speed and flexibility and renting a car is smart choice if you are short of time and want to visit some remote places.

For example Spis castle is largest castle in Central Europe. It is like mixture of ruins and some well maintained and renovated parts.

Spending a night on a car park is quite an experience.


Two main routes while travelling around Slovakia

There are 2 main routes from Bratislava to Kosice – via north, and via South.

See map:


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