Safety in Slovakia

Is tap water safe to drink in Slovakia?

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Natural question for many people who want to travel to Slovakia:

Can I drink tap water in Bratislava or in Slovakia in general?

Is it safe?

Yes, you can, and you should!

Slovakia is the country with one of best qualitytap water in the world. Slovakia  is the second country in Europe (after Austria) with the largest reserves of drinking water.

You can easily drink water I would say anywhere. (Ok not from the Danube river , or rivers in general 🙂 ) However there is no  need to buy bottled water in the shops, an you can drink tap water, or you can ask for tap water in restaurants.

Bottled water in the shops and restaurants

It is only good marketing of companies, and brainwash so that people start buying pure water in the shops. Unfortunately.

It is waste of money, (tap water cost is approximately 1 EUR per 1000 liters, so you can imagine, if restaurants start simply selling you bottled water what kind of profit there is.)

Or in general how big money in pure water business is.


In addition the cost for bottled water is mainly for bottles, distribution and marketing.

All you need is to get the glass or bottle at home and drink that water 🙂 You will save some money, and mostly – you will help environment and good utilization of resources.

Mineral water in Slovakia

The only water that makes sense to buy in shop is mineral water.

Slovakia is famous to have many many natural mineral springs which are rich of various minerals and elements. Depending on what kind of mineral water you buy, it can also have healing effects for your body.

I will not go into details of that here, because that can be for completely separate article.

Some of brand examples: Salvator, Baldovska, Fatra .. etc


They refuse to serve you tap water n restaurant?

They refused to serve you tap water in restaurant for free? You can consider informing them about tipping options, check following artile about Tipping in Slovakia.

PS: if you still decide you definately want to buy ordinary water – feel free to come to my place and I can sell you 1 liter for 10-100 EUR easily 🙂


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Is tap water safe to drink in Slovakia?
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