India: Kerala Ayruveda

Kerala & Tamil Nadu Deep look, Early morning fishing, Beach, Cut pineapple, Evening beach, Man and the Palm, Sunset wave, Monument, School kids, Shore, Southernmost tip, Free as a bird, Hidden eyes, Owner of Hindustan Ambassador, Povar Nayyar river, Neyyar morning, Kingfisher, Elderly woman, scenery, Povar Nayyar river, sunset, bird, school, fishing, beach, school, temple, Ayurveda  

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India: Bangalore and around

Selling, 2 kids, A boy waiting, A man and straw, Temple and stone, Mysore Palace, Garden, Woman, Lamp, Waiting for a friend, Buying food, Food plate, Elephant ride, This way., Shiva temple, Ganesha snake, Photo, photographs, images, presents,India, people, life, Mysore, Palace, botanical, Garden, Woman, Shiva, Ganesha, snake, Elephant, ride, temple, people, Bangalore,food

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