India: Kerala Ayruveda

Kerala & Tamil Nadu Deep look, Early morning fishing, Beach, Cut pineapple, Evening beach, Man and the Palm, Sunset wave, Monument, School kids, Shore, Southernmost tip, Free as a bird, Hidden eyes, Owner of Hindustan Ambassador, Povar Nayyar river, Neyyar morning, Kingfisher, Elderly woman, scenery, Povar Nayyar river, sunset, bird, school, fishing, beach, school, temple, Ayurveda  

Indonesia: Togean islands and Bajo people

Paradise of Togean islands, and Bajo people alias sea gypsies (local tribe) Water Conservation Area, Sandy Bay, Start of Bajo village, Bridge to Malenge, Bajo children, Mosque in Bajo village, Bajo kid and his chicken, Bajo village, Decorated house, Bajo siesta, Bajo siesta, Girl near Jellyfish lake, Pier, Karina bay, Karina bay, Officers, Behind the fence, Man with the chainsaw,…

Indonesia: Sulawesi – Toraja

Toraja people in Sulawesi and their animistic religion mixture with Christianity. Funerals are strong part of Toraja culture. For some people below pictures may have disturbing character, please reconsider before watching them. Toraja houses, Toraja woman, Tree grave, Skulls, Tau-Tau Statues, Dog prepared for meal, Sacrificed buffalo, Funeral, Sacrifiction of Pigs, Funeral and Sacrifiction, Toraja girl, Sacrifiction, Toraja woman, Toraja…

Indonesia: Maluku North

Zum Zum McArthur island, Koloray island, Clean village, Woman and her baby,  woman, Playing with passion,  family, Elderly woman, Sign: Attitude , Hairstyle , A boat arrived , On the boat,  Dodola island, Traditional village, Plantation,  Green Lizard, Jidon, Getting dark, Duomo village,  Ternate Market,  Sultan view, Satelites, Maluku, Moluku, Moluccas, Sultanate, Morotai, TObelo, Jailolo, SIdangoli, Halmahera, 


Scenery of New Doha, Cultural village, Beach in Doha, Amphitheater, Doha, Amphitheater, Doha, Amphitheater, Doha, Amphitheater, Doha, Parliament guard, Copper gate, Entrance, Katara Cultural Village, Zubarah Fort, Dovecot, Zubarah Fort, Zubarah Fort, Museum of Islamic Art, Street in Souq Waqif, Business, My goods, Arc in Doha, 

Indonesia: West Papua – Raja Ampat – Western New Guinea

Pianemo, Pianemo, Island Kri, Raja Ampat, Palm, In the boat, Earring, Fruit, Beach, Beach, Island Kri, Arborek, Scenery, Around Pianemo, Boat,

Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar

Genghis Khan, Hand of Genghis Khan, Guard hand, Guard hand, Choijin Lama Temple, Wedding Ghingis, Ulaanbaatar Zaisan Valley, Admiral Zhukov, Resting at square, Repairing car, Group, Biambyn Rinčen, Concrete, Traditional Song, Sükhbaatar Square, Zaisan Tank, Market, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Ulanbator, Ulan Bator

Mongolia: Central part

Mongolia, Planes & Hills, Planes & Hills, Tea session, Time goes by, Monastery Erdene Zuu, Ceremony, Monastery, Khangain Nuruu, In front of home, Meditation Cave, Taxi, Yurt and mondastery, Near the market, Barriers, Tovkhon  monastery, Old building,  Kharkhorin

Mongolia: Khövsgöl and around

Khövsgöl (Mongolian: Хөвсгөл) Lake Khövsgöl also referred to as Khövsgöl dalai or Dalai Eej is the largest fresh water lake in Mongolia by volume and second largest by area. Khövsgöl Nuur. Historicaly it is sister lake of lake Baikal – deepest lake of in the world.

Thailand: Sounthern

Ocean blue, Day trip, Koh Hah, Scenery, Crystal water, Muslim man, Kids, Baby elephant, Baby, Refreshing, Coast, Relax,