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What is the best budget accomodation in Bratislava in Slovakia? The best bacpackers or hostel accomodation in Bratislava?  What are the best places to sleep at  in Bratislava for budget traveller? 
Accomodation is one thing and its location is another.

Here you are my tips for best accomodation for backpackers in Bratislava so that you have good access for sightseeing,  good price and nice place to stay.
It is my view of the local man who knows the area and energy in the city. 

All places have good location, near downtown, nice area and not far from bus or train station .

1. City Hostel (my pick)Hostel, backpacker
2. Art Hostel Taurus (my pick)Hostel, backpacker
3. Pension Petit (my pick)Hostel, backpacker
4. Downtown Backpacker's HostelHostel, backpacker
5. Hostel BrickyardHostel, backpacker


1. City Hostel (my pick) 

City hostel, budget accommodation, Bratislava, Slovakia


2. Art Hostel Taurus (my pick) 

Art Hostel, budget accommodation, Bratislava, Slovakia



Walking distance (15 min) from Presidential palace there is a Bratislava Castle.
The castle is on the hill, so during the day you can visit the castle and have a nice view on Bratislava. During the night you can also have a nice view, but the castle is closed.

3. Pension Petit (my pick) 

Pension Petit, budget accomodation, Bratislava, Slovakia

This beautiful square offers you several things. You can have a walk around, you can sit in the park, during the summer you may watch the fountain or sit outside in a pub or café.
During the winter you may also be part of Christmas market with various stalls and atmosphere enjoying wine. There are also beautiful historical buildings around such as National Theatre, Hotel Carlton, etc. It is directly in the city center, so you may walk around the downtown to enjoy the history and atmosphere of relatively this small downtown.

4. Downtown Backpacker's Hostel

Downtown Backpacker's Hostel, budget accommodation, Bratislava, SlovakiaDowntown Backpacker's Hostel, budget accommodation, Bratislava, Slovakia

This tower with unique shape looks like UFO above Bratislava. You can take a lift up there for approximately 10 Eur and enjoy the view around Bratislava. At the very top there is a view point, and 2 floors lower there is a restaurant.
The food is pricey, and at the same time small. Like one could say, it is price, but at least small hehe J.
However you may enjoy the coffee or tee.
Men are a bit luckier here, during pissing in restroom they have excellent view on Bratislava.

5. Hostel Brickyard

Hostel Brickyard, budget accommodation, Bratislava, Slovakia

I would normally skip this hostel, but it has nice terrace so I mention it here. 


  if you prefer some other accomodation than listed here, feel free to click bellow and choose some other

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