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Travel documentary photos from around the world


Documentary pictures from around the world



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Latest travel photographs

Jungles, forests, beaches, and again jungles of Panama  |   By train to Manakara   in Madagascar   |   Life around Tsiribina river, Madagascar   |   Andringitra National Park   in Madagascar   |   Short photo story By train to Manakara   |   Magnificent Malta, Gozo, Comino   |    Magnificent Poland, Krakow & Warszaw   |    Dark part of history of Poland, Concentration Death camps Auschwitz & Birkenau   |     Magnificent Lanzarote, Canary islands in Spain   |   Photographs from short stay in Kerala, India   |   Photographs from short stay in Qatar   |   Place where Hula dance was born, Molokai island  on Hawaii   |   Kauai island  on Hawaii and the magical waterfalls and sceneries   |  Austrian scenic images from Carinthia    |    Amazing contact with Maluku culture, (origin of spice - cloves and nutmeg) North Maluku, Indonesia   |   Experiencing , sacrifiction,Indonesia   |   Photo report from Togean islands and Bajo village (Sulavesi,Indonesia) they are sometimes called sea gypsies, very nice people   |   Photographs of Alaska exploration - part 2    |   Photographs of Alaska exploration - part 1    |   Short trip - British Colombia (Canada) in pictures    |    Scenic photographs from West Papua, Indonesia   |    See latest contribution to our Panorama pictures   |    Photographs from Central Mongolia and sceneries   |   Some pictures from Ulaan Bator  |   How Transsiberian train looks |   Picturesque Mongolia and area of Khovsgol lake (Khövsgöl Nuur)  |   Photographs from beautifull East Siberia at lake Baikal in Russia   |   Mystical horse section "Animals" gallery  |  In section "Animals" new picture of unique 1 leg standing duck couple   |   Various pictures from Switzerland showing Lac Leman and Alps Mountains   |    Slovak folk dance performed by Lucnica   |    Some of South ThailandNorth and central Thailand and Karen people   |    Walking in Paris and aroundSummer life in Croatia   | The largest volcanic lake in the world - Danau Toba  |  Malaysia - Sarawak in Borneo, Headhunter tribe Iban   |   Borneo islands in Sabah   |   Tropical island Phu Quoc   |   Atmosphere from southern Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh and around Mekong Delta   |   Another drop from Hawaiian treasure ocean , nature and Hawaiian panoramas photo galleries | New Komodo dragon pictures added |  Have you visited inland Bali  |  New pictures from Indonesia and surfing   |   How Manuakea, Volcano and lava look like?  | Few moments in Hawaiian traditions. | New experience documented in photos from Yosemite National Park. | Pictures from Hawaii added to Panoramas. |  New pictures from Indonesia - Gili islands.  |   New pictures from Indonesia - Nusa Lembongan.  |   We have added new photos to Panoramas.  |   Please see latest gallery Animals.


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Travel & Photography


Cestovanie a fotografia, fotky

Travelling inspires our mind and brings new ideas.
It is about exploring new places, cultures. Travelling enriches our spirit. 

Traveling may mean complete relax, or passive resting on the beach. It can also be vital, sometimes challenging activity, which requires good preparation. 

  Cestovanie je zdrojom nápadov, myšlienok. Je to spoznávanie nových zákutí, nových kultúr a prispieva k obohacovaniu ducha.

Pre niektorých ľudí znamená oddych, či pasívne vyvaľovanie sa, iní berú cestovanie za aktívnu a niekedy náročnú aktivitu, na ktorú sa treba dobre pripraviť.   

The ultimate highness is love.


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