This section shows photographs from various travelling with documentary purpose.

Travel documentary pictures are intended only to show atmosphere of the places, I would not call them as my portfolio.

My favourites pictures are in section to pphoto - mainly Photography of people from their ordinary everyday life.

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Amazing landscape scenery during the trip in in Austria.

The lake has crystal clear water. in the summer you can swim in this lake, and during the winder you can skate on the lake.

Austrian Nature

Weissensee Weissensee
A boat A boat
Tree Tree
Lake boat Lake boat
Pier at the lake Pier at the lake
Small creek Small creek
Picturesque scenery Picturesque scenery
Resting at the lake Resting at the lake
Picturesque lake Picturesque lake
Bench Bench
Picturesque lake scenery Picturesque lake scenery
Coffee and resting Coffee and resting
Fish & lake Fish & lake
House House
Mirroring scenery Mirroring scenery
Lake & mountain scenery Lake & mountain scenery
Haus Aichholzer Haus Aichholzer
A horse A horse



Austria map


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