This section shows photographs from various travelling with documentary purpose.

Travel documentary pictures are intended only to show atmosphere of the places, I would not call them as my portfolio.

My favourites pictures are in section to pphoto - mainly Photography of people from their ordinary everyday life.

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Hawaii, amazing place in the world. Contains a lot of energy, and heritage in cultural and natural way.

Big Island, Kona offers big diversity of places to rest, and enjoy.


Hawaii, nadherné miesto na svete. Obsahuje vela energie a dedicstva v kultúrnej a prírodnoej oblasti-

Big Island (v preklade veľký ostrov) ponúka rôznorodé miesta na odpočinok a radosť.

Big Island

"I love you" sign "I love you" sign
Young man playing on guitar Young man playing on guitar
Plumeria flower Plumeria flower
Production of coffee Production of coffee
Coffee shop Coffee shop
Smile Smile
Lady with Hawai'ian colors Lady with Hawai'ian colors
Hula hotel Hula hotel
Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
Desert along the coast Desert along the coast
Coast east of Ka Lae. Coast east of Ka Lae.
Mahana bay, green sand beach Mahana bay, green sand beach
Sunny day in Hawi Sunny day in Hawi
Paddle surfer Paddle surfer
Girl watching the ocean Girl watching the ocean
Buddha Buddha
Girl and the tree Girl and the tree
Buddhist temple Buddhist temple
Monk, Buddhist, temple Monk, Buddhist, temple
Rastafarian Rastafarian
Feel the tree Feel the tree
1st stage of the waterfall 1st stage of the waterfall
Black sand Black sand
Communication with aliens ? Communication with aliens ?
Observatory using adaptive optics Observatory using adaptive optics
Hula dance Hula dance
I love you gate I love you gate


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