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Taxi in Bratislava, Slovakia

If you are a visitor or traveler, you know how it works with taxi drivers, they often cheat :(


If you are a visitor or tourist, taxis behave...

Unfortunately just like in almost every country - if you are a tourist, or visitor, you do not know local conditions,
and you are great target to get overcharged by taxi drivers. Even if you are Slovak but from other city this can happen to you (unfortunately)
Potentially, we could even call that robbery. (why not, there is regular price, and if you don't know it they are cheating and charge differently)

Unfortunately this is happening in UK, US, Indonesia, Russia wherever I would say  almost in every country.
And Slovakia is no difference. :( 

For example from the airport to Shopping center Avion it is 3 minutes drive. ( Normally it would cost you minimum charge  - approx 4 eur), but the taxi driver took 45 minutes and charged 50 Euros.

Similar case was 70 Euros.

So what to do about it?

Basically call the taxi via app and get price estimate.
In this case "UBER" or "HOPIN".

  • HOPIN is official taxi service. which is using app and works in similar way as UBER.
    They operate in Bratislava and Kosice as of time when writing this article.


  • UBER: Another option is UBER.
    They can operate anywhere in Slovakia.
    However you know the downside if UBER company.
    It is same same everywhere.
    Issues with legislation - do these people need proper licences? They are start up of sharing economy.
    Legislation is not exact and transparent.

However I support transparent companies in terms of payment, and HOPIN and UBER are one of these.
Download their app and choose whichever you prefer.


  • PROMO CODE for UBER : vladimirp1284ue
    and you get free ride up to value of 8 eur
  • PROMO CODE for HOPIN: I dont have any PROMO CODE FOR HOPIN now.

My final recommendation: HOPIN and UBER

If for some reason you do not have internet,
I would simply choose: Hello TAXI or VB Taxi

Always call them - if you stop any of taxi companies in Bratislava they have double price.
There are historical reason, but this is taxi anomaly for Bratislava - calling taxi is cheaper than simply stopping them on the street.
If you see a TAXI in front of you - take the number from the door, and call for taxi.


VB taxi - has a color style of POLICE during socialistic times in CzechoSlovakia.
VB is abbreviation from Verejná bezpečnosť  by translation "Public Safety"
Hello taxi is simply from "hello" :)

Cheapest taxi from Vienna Schwechat airport to Bratislava  and from Bratislava to "Vienna Schwechat" airport?

Biznis taxi

with nice Toyota Prius, nice driver.
Payment possible by card:

Max. 3 persons – 35 €
Max. 7 persons – 70 €
(for 1 destination, every additional destination in the city 3 eur)
Please check their web for valid prices. 

This price is simply amazing.
btw in comparison cheapest bus costs appox 5 eur per person.
On top - they use prius - which is hybrid and I love that approach to environment.

Viva Toyota Viva Tesla.







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