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Taxi from Bratislava Airport to the city

Are you arriving to Bratislava airport, and you wonder how much you will pay for the taxi from the airport to the hotel?

From Bratislava airport to the hotel, or from Bratislava airport to the city - normal price would be approx 5-8 eur.


If you call the taxi that is cheaper.

You may  use

  • Uber  
  • standard TAXI 
  • Liftago (use following code to get 8 eur off your journey)

However if you just jump into any taxi there - you may be charged much more (typically at least double of that price.

There was also a situation that a lady which went just 1 km away from the airport paid 50 EUR. How is that possible? Basically the driver made a "city trip" for the lady and itlooked like 30 minutes driving around.

Just like in any country unfortunately airport taxi drivers expect to earn a lot on tourists or people who do not know local conditions, and they misuse it and cheat.

And as this is almost everywhere in the world - you cannot be surprised and must expect it.

Then based on this information it is up to you how you handle this :)


Public transport:

You can also take a bus from the airport to the city. Bus lines 61 or 96. the ticket cost approx 1-1.50 eur. I am saying approx here - because from time to time, the company increases prices :)

Here is a journey planner for public transport. I think you need to google a bit to get the place where you want to go and how to get there.


How much is taxi from Bratislava airport to the city | How much is taxi from Bratislava airport to the hotel |


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