This section shows photographs from various travelling with documentary purpose.

Travel documentary pictures are intended only to show atmosphere of the places, I would not call them as my portfolio.

My favourites pictures are in section to pphoto - mainly Photography of people from their ordinary everyday life.

Mekong Delta

A boy performing A boy performing
Repairing motorbike Repairing motorbike
Baloons Baloons
Family dinner Family dinner
Dragon from plants Dragon from plants
Evening on the boat Evening on the boat
Smiley young man Smiley young man
Lantern Lantern
Smiley boy Smiley boy
Full laugh Full laugh
A man selling a fruit A man selling a fruit
Embassy ? Embassy ?
Houses along the rive Houses along the rive
Friday afternoon Friday afternoon
Ho Chi Minh Statue Ho Chi Minh Statue
Lottery Lottery
Driving the boat Driving the boat
Buying soup Buying soup
Full boat Full boat
Mekong delta Mekong delta

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